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    For Sellers

    Changing the way healthcare and clinical trials are managed to bring down the cost of care for everyone.


    A healthcare marketplace for everyone.

    Add an exciting new facet to your sales and marketing efforts with Nextbridge!

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    Industry Buyers

    Verified innovative suppliers, products and services in one convenient place

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    Verified Sellers

    Targeted buyers looking specifically for your category of products and services

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    A network of

    Global Affiliates

    The NextBridge Exchange (NBX) has established partnerships with a growing network of global partners

    Nextbridge has many benefits for sellers, here are a few:

    • Save time and money using the automated system
    • Add an exciting, new, free sales channel
    • Speed up the sales process
    • Add sophisticated digital marketing at a fraction of the cost of an agency
    • Create interesting new cross selling opportunities with other sellers

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    Years of experience have brought us to this solution.

    The team behind Nextbridge Health have spent years working in the clinical trials industry — frustrated by the high costs and barriers to innovating, managing and coordinating clinical trials that benefit us all. The NBX Marketplace promises to change all that.


    For sellers looking to change the game.

    Here’s the bottom line. There is simply no better way to access thousands of targeted buyers for your catalog.


    Even free account holders can start experiencing the benefits of an NBX membership.

    • One stop shopping
    • Built for clinical development
    • Fully secure & audit ready
    • Easy product comparison
    • Validated buyers & sellers
    • Highest level of transparency


    A suite of features that take the headache out of building and managing your trials.

    • World’s largest clinical database
    • Products, Services & Software
    • External Data Access via APIs
    • Build & Manage Clinical Trials
    • Built in Audit Trail
    • Unique Affiliate Program


    Instantly vet information and certifications with the world’s top healthcare & business databases.

    • FDA
    • FCC
    • Crunchbase

    “NBX has taken our company to the state of the art in SEO and digital marketing while saving time and money.”


    Joining NBX is free.

    Take the pain out of your process.
    Buyers. Sellers. Affiliates. It's all free to sign up.