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    GeneFinder HLA-ABCDRB1DQ RealAmp Kit for molecular diagnostics

    Manufacturer: Osang
    Molecular diagnosis can detect human papilloma virus (HPV), and enable testing for histocompatibility (HLA) and infectious diseases, by examining nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) for genetic information (e.g., on a virus or human body).
    Interest categories: Immunology, Infectious diseases, Vaccines
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    GeneFinder™ HLA-ABCDRB1DQ RealAmp Kit


    HLA(human leukocyte antigen) is major gentietic marker for transplantation and specific disease. In most laboratories, conventional typing method was performed by cell cytotoxicity tests or fluorescence serology with specific antibodies, and now DNA typing method using PCR is widely being used due to its specificity. However, PCR typing method require labor and time for result analysis, therefore the new accurate typing method is needed for and labor saving.

    HLA-ABCDRB1DQ RealAmp Kit provides fast, accurate and method for HLA typing based on real-time PCR platform. Primer sets for reaction are pre-aliquoted in a 96-well test plate for fast process and high throughput system. Provided auto analysis program(software) makes easy and accurate interpretation of result

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