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    Training on accelerometer data processing and analysis (6 hours)

    Manufacturer: Accelting
    Do you want to analyse your own data without depending on others? Dr. van Hees (Accelting) can help you to become familiar with both the theoretical and practical aspects of analysing accelerometer data for human movement and sleep research. Dr. van Hees typically does this via online sessions, involving a combination of discussions, live demonstrations, and lectures. You are free to add your colleagues to the call.
    SKU: Training Accelerometry
    Vendor: Accelting
    Interest categories: Bone / Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular, Metabolic diseases, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Pulmonology, Other
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    The 4 x 1.5 hours training will be tailored to the specific interests and experience of you and your colleagues:
    - What is an accelerometer?
    - Data cleaning: Calibration and non-wear detection
    - Acceleration metrics
    - Physical activity asssessment
    - Sleep assessment
    - 24 hours time-use analysis
    - How to do each step with R package GGIR
    - How does GGIR work
    - GGIR as Open Source project and vision for the future
    About Dr. van Hees
    Dr. van Hees holds a PhD from University of Cambridge (UK), and developed and published the now widely used methods for automatically correcting for signal calibration error, signal component separation for accurate physical activity assessment, and methods for sleep detection. Further, he worked as Senior Research Engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center (Amsterdam). Throughout the years he has worked with a broad variety of technologies, including: R, Python, git, SQL, machine learning (incl. deep learning), Inertial measurement units, Polysomnography, and Indirect calorimetry.
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