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    MyNICaS: The New Generation of Non-Invasive Bio-Impedance Cardiography. Get 17 actionable data items in a three minute test. Comparable to a Swan-Ganz but with no invasion, no patient risk, no undressing or shaving.

    MyNICaS is the optimal tool in making better informed decisions regarding more aggressive diuresis or need for increased vasodilation. The Best Proven Solution to Reduce 30-Day Hospital Readmissions at SNFs, HHCAs. Increase your billings, save bed nights, get more referrals from. hospitals. Call us for ROIs and more information including $475/month leases..
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    New Generation Impedance Cardiography Technology

    • Mobile

    • FDA Approved

    • Accurate, consistent results

    • Easy to use

    • Inexpensive

    • Non-Invasive

    • No Side Effects

    • No harm to patient

    • No special preparation for exam


    Painless Monitoring and Diagnostics


    • Readmission Reduction

    • Heart Failure (HF) Management

    • Hemodynamics Monitoring

    • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) Optimization

    • Non-Invasive Stroke Volume Measurements

    • Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Measurements

    • Hypertension Control


    Complex Data, Simplified


    • Stroke Volume (SV)

    • Cardiac Output (CO)

    • Cardiac Power Index (CPI)

    • Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR)

    • Total Body Water (TBW)

    • Left Ventricle Function (Ejection Fraction)

    • Heart Rate

    • Granov-Goor Index (GGI)

    • Respiration Rate

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