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    Ouchie Pain Management Application- Community Support with Turn-Key Functionality, Revenue Generating Model Eligible for Reimbursmenet through RPM and BHI Billing Codes, Proven Time Saver

    Manufacturer: Upside Health
    A mobile application designed to reduce reliability on patient reports and reduce wasted hours, while maximizing revenue and efficiency by streamlining communication between patients and physicians.
    SKU: UHOU001
    Vendor: Upside Health
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    About Ouchie

          Multi-disciplinary chronic pain care can cost health systems more than $10,000/patient/month. Our interactive product, Ouchie, delivers results at just a tenth of that, while also providing new revenue streams through RPM and BHI billing codes. Our system allows clinicians to maximize every minute with patients, delivering meaningful care and increasing efficiency. With the opioid crisis in full swing, the risk for prescribers is real. Our monitoring and documenting solutions give prescribers and systems the peace of mind, knowing that their patients are well supported out of the office.

    Why Ouchie?

    • Mobile Application
      • Designed to help monitor and improve your patient’s pain levels in a much more efficient way. Patients can regularly record what is bothering them, their pain levels, prescriptions they are taking and strategies they are employing in order to improve their situation. Under the mobile device requirement, Ouchie also qualifies for Medicare reimbursement for each patient on the platform every month.
    • Community
      • Track what hurts, what treatments work, your pain level, mood, sleep patterns, medication usage, accomplishments, challenges, goals, and more.
      • Connect with doctors, resources, and fellow patients.
      • Learn what you can do to improve your pain levels.
      • Earn rewards for recording your progress, reaching goals, and supporting others.
    • Proven
      • Ouchie is fun to use, and effective! Over 85% of users felt more in control of their pain after using Ouchie for just one month.
    • Time Saver
      • Allows patients to be in constant communication with their pain management specialist throughout the month, greatly reducing the need for face-to-face visits.