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    Trusted Patient Coach

    Manufacturer: Health Helm
    A mobile platform to improve recovery, readmissions, and patient experience configurable to acute and chronic conditions for cost-effective care coordination.
    SKU: HHTPC001
    Vendor: Health Helm
    Interest categories: Psychiatry, Surgery
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    Trusted Patient Coach ™

    Patient reporting and engagement:

    Improved outcomes, reduced costs.

    A mobile platform to improve recovery, readmissions, and patient experience configurable to acute and chronic conditions for cost-effective care coordination.

    my-medication-icon@2x.png Home

    Medication Tracking

    my-messages-icon-blue@2x.png Home

    Direct + Secure Messaging Between Patient + Care Professional

    questionnaire-icon-blue@2x.png Home

    Daily Questionnaires

    my-data-icon-blue@2x.png Home

    Data + Vitals Monitoring

    Addressing Problems Facing the Industry

    The Problems

    High readmission rates

    Poor coordination care

    Patient confusion post-discharge

    Low compliance

    The Solutions

    Care plan adherence support system

    Tailors to clinical work flow

    Secure communication system

    Daily reminders and questionnaires 


    Make Trusted Patient Coach Part of Your Solution

    Our clients, patients and clinicians keep us fueled, focused and energized to make a difference for them!